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Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be an intimidating, exciting, and even exhausting experience.

Mission Hill has a super tight marketplace and the low selection of homes and apartments for sale can cause owners settle for one of the first properties they visit, while others may give up entirely. Proper preparation can help streamline the process, so Mission Hill Pads is glad to provide tips to help guide you toward a real estate investment perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

Determine what type of home is best for you. Depending on your long-term goals and priorities, decide whether you would be best off in an apartment, condo, multi-unit investment property, detached home, or townhouse. Each structure has its pros and cons, and only you can decide which would be best.

First Time Home Buyer Mission Hill Boston

Search for specific features. Make two lists of home features: one list of things you would like to have, and another list of things that any potential home should have. After deciding upon those features, such as kitchen size and number bedrooms of bathrooms, that you can’t live without, narrow your search down to those properties that fit. A home is a major purchase, and you shouldn’t compromise unless you absolutely must.

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Buying real estate in Mission Hill, whether as a home or investment property, is always a serious decision. This decision involves many difficult, complex financial choices that need to be comprehended and considered throughout the process. Buying property in Mission Hill can be the largest financial investment you make in your life, and can be very stressful if you are not sure of how to go about it. Mission Hill Pads is designed to give you all the information you need to purchase property in Mission Hill. You can help ensure that the purchasing process is a success by following these three steps:

Just because a lender is willing to loan you a certain amount, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily utilize the entire amount. Consider the final sale price of the home, as well as the monthly payment, and think about how much you can comfortably afford to pay. Also try to factor in other costs like property tax and maintenance expenses, to get the clearest idea possible of the total price of the property.

Most realtors will not spend time with new home-buyer clients who have not clarified how much they can afford to spend on a new home. It is always a good idea take a hard look at your financial situation to establish your price range before you start looking at homes.Consider doing a serious audit of your finances so you can research neighborhoods, factor in how moving would change your cost for household, family and personal expenses.

Finding out how much a lender is willing to loan you will help narrow the focus of your house hunting, as well as put you in a stronger negotiating position when you do find your dream home. Most sellers will not even entertain an buyers offer that is not accompanied with a mortgage pre-approval. Shop around for the best rates and mortgage types based on your situation. There are many local and state programs for first-time home buyers that you can figure into how much down payment you can afford, and what kind of mortgage payment will fit comfortably into your budget. When you find the best options, get a mortgage pre-approval so you know how much house you can buy and make sure you are pre-approved, not just pre-qualified.

Using a Mission Hill agent has save you time with doing the groundwork up front for you by contacting listing agents to set up showings and help you negotiate the purchase price. Buying a home is not only a major investment, but can also be a complex process without the proper assistance of a local professional. First-time home buyers should hire a qualified real estate agent to look out for your interests throughout the transaction, while helping avoid any mistakes that could have serious consequences in the future.

Purchasing your first home is perhaps the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make and you can find great security in owning a property. Look into the long-term options with equity, home value, taxes and any life changes that may affect whether you may need to sell to purchase a larger home or use it as an investment property.

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