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mission hill apartment rental market report
February 27 + COMMENTS

Mission Hill Apartment Rental Market Report

***UPDATED*** This market report has been updated, check out our 2022 Mission Hill Apartment Rental Market Report!

2020 is gearing up to be a pivotal year for the local apartment market, both locally in Mission Hill and Boston as a whole.  A soaring local economy combined with looming regulations is proving to make 2020 a make or break year for the local housing market.   Mission Hill has long been a mirror for the overall Boston apartment rental market.  Rent prices for Mission Hill apartments tend to stay at par with the City average more so here than in other neighborhoods. That could be explained by its central location close to Fenway and the South End, which makes it super accessible to the action downtown and nearby universities.  

The Best Apartments in Mission Hill, Boston
February 18 + COMMENTS

The Best Apartments in Mission Hill, Boston

A Sampling of the Best Apartments for Rent in Boston

Whether you’re just beginning your time in Boston, or you’ve lived here for years, Mission Hill is an excellent neighborhood to call home. From the excellent restaurants along Huntington Avenue and Tremont Street, to the bevvy of independently owned restaurants, pubs, and hip shops scattered across the neighborhood, Mission Hill packs a lot of neighborhood into its single square mile.
mission hill apartment living
November 8 + COMMENTS

When Should You Start Looking, and Where Can You Find Apartments for Rent in Mission Hill, MA?

The short version is pretty simple. When should you start looking for apartments in Mission Hill? Well, wintertime is good, but whenever you move, some of the best places often get rented many months in advance. And while it’s only a square mile or so, going door to door hoping to find a group moving out is far from ideal, most likely unrealistic and could result in a giant waste of time. Search online to find what’s available, with a locally sourced and highly active website like Mission Hill Pads to make it easier on yourself.

In all seriousness though, don’t let the prospect of finding your next apartment scare you off. Finding an apartment for rent in Mission Hill is easy enough. Finding one that fits your budget, schedule, and other needs? That can take a bit more digging.

So let’s get right to it.

average rent prices in mission hill
August 3 + COMMENTS

Average Rent Prices in Mission Hill

Mission Hill Pads, a local real estate website powered by the Boston Pads database, has recently published a comprehensive infographic with the latest average rent prices in Mission Hill. These numbers were sourced from the Boston Pads database, which contains over 156,000 Greater Boston apartments, 500,000+ property images, and 8,000+ apartment videos.

Mission Hill Neighborhood Boston MA

The History and Development of Mission Hill

Mission Hill was acquired by the city of Boston in 1868, when it was formerly called Parker Hill and it has been a development keystone in Boston’s long history of expansion. The area was once filled with orchards, farms and breweries and has since made a transition to a residential neighborhood that connect other central towns in Boston including Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and Fenway.





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